A message from Mark Dawson, Launch Director ABWB:
17th June 2020


"I wanted to provide an update on the development of the Association. In many ways this is not the "right way" to launch, in the midst of a crisis. The support you have all given ABWB as founding members has been critical in the achievements to date and given weight to our voice so it is heard and the right doors have been opened. As it was recently described to me, we are flying the plane before we have built it.

What is vitally important is that we get the establishment of the Association right. That takes time, collaborative thinking and input from across the industry. Thank you all for the offers of help with committees and ideas. Apologies that we may not have directly responded as we are having to focus our efforts on the key activities at hand. As I said, not the ideal to be launching in a crisis that dominates our time. We are absolutely hearing your views and will be reaching out to embrace the offers of help in due course. 

As we start to hopefully move out of this crisis we will start to shape the Association. It will be an exciting time after so many challenges. We are listening to what you are saying, and you will see a few things start to happen to reflect that. The Association will only work if we have an active and vocal membership that truly represents the diversity of the industry. Members should be setting the agenda. Committees and Boards will become fully elected by the membership and will help shape and tackle the solutions. But these will also be dependent on the combined effort of the whole membership to deliver.

We are immensely thankful to the members who have stepped up to form the founding Board and initial committees and take on significant work when they have businesses to keep afloat as well. 

The continued success of the Association in the future will be down to its ability to represent and reflect the diversity of our industry."

Updated 30th June 2020

We look forward to forming a broad diverse interim Founding Board over the coming months. If you would like to recommend someone or yourself, please contact

We will also explore potential revised leadership/governance structures for the association long term and we are very open to hearing ideas and suggestions.

Once our industry moves out of the COVID-19 crisis, the fully-formed board will then meet. The goal will be to propose the roadmap to the Association becoming a fully-elected representative long-term impactful association. The membership will then decide the route forward.

The founding board will focus on the following goals:

  • Develop relationships with key partners and identify opportunities for joint initiatives

  • Develop relationships with MPs, press and regulatory bodies to support representation in the industry, especially during COVID-19

  • Establish governance structure, codes of conduct and articles of association

  • Support committees and task forces

We are also pleased to present selected committees and task forces to focus on specific topics that the industry faces.  

Committees and Boards will become fully elected by the membership and will help shape and tackle the solutions.


We are pleased to announce the formation of selected committees and task forces.  The work of the Association will be driven by the membership through these committees and task forces, and will be reliant on the drive and ambition of their members.

COVID-19 Venue Committee (includes Exit Strategy Task Force)

To oversee cohesive efforts for dealing with the pandemic effects

- Interim Chairperson - Duncan Clark, owner of Braxted Park wedding venue

Equality Committee

To support diversity, inclusivity and equality among wedding industry professionals & businesses

- Interim Chairperson - TBD

COVID-19 Industry Public Relations Task Force

To manage communications with media and establish government recognition of the wedding industry 

- Interim Chairperson - TBD

COVID-19 Legal & Insurance Task Force

To support protection for the industry with respect to business interruption, wedding insurance, CMA considerations and contract best practices

- Interim Chairperson - James Garner, owner of Godwick Hall and Barn

Membership Committee (Will begin post COVID-19)

To establish the articles of the foundation, codes of conduct and membership structure

- Interim Chairperson - TBD

If you are interested in an active role within a committee or task force, or establishing a new committee, please email committees@abwb.orgApologies that we may not have directly responded yet as we are having to focus our efforts on the key COVID-19 challenges at hand. We are absolutely hearing your views and will be reaching out to embrace the offers of help in due course. 


The Association of British Wedding Businesses is an association that aims to support members of the British wedding industry during COVID-19. Our mission is to support our members with insights and advice, advocate for growth, and serve as liaison between the industry and government.

Founding memberships are free to all industry members and we encourage everyone to join.




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